CRETA CAN was founded in 1975, an expert in metal decoration and in particular in tin plates printing and it is found at the Industrial Area of Heraklion, hosted in owned facilities on 3150 sq.m.

Since its foundation, the company has invested and continues to invest both in mechanical equipment as well as human resources solely aiming at high manufacturing quality and direct customer service.

The company possesses since its foundation a developed ecological awareness, as the tin is considered to be a rather ecological and additionally appropriate product for food-packaging such as olive-oil and dairy products. It is also used in producing small bottles, boxes for paints and other products.


ISO 9001 : 2008

Company Structure

Since 2003, the company operates under the management of Aristides and Manolis Milakis, who, being a second generation managers, try to continue the legacy of the company's founders.